Pablo Picasso - Face With Dove Of Peace 1950 - By James Wilson
By James Wilson

Pablo Picasso - Face With Dove Of Peace 1950

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I have always wanted to have a collection of serigraph and lithograph Matisse and Picasso prints. So when the opportunity came up for me to purchase a large collection of them, I did so.  Some of which included multiple pressings of the same piece. With this being the case I am selling a select few of the prints for what I paid. You will notice that the price is quite reasonable to reflect that some of the prints have a small amount of damage on the bottom or top 2cm - which is why I managed to purchase the collection at such a very low price - these same prints have just sold on artsy for £800+ each when in perfect condition.

This a reproduction serigraph print of Picasso’s Face With Dove Of Piece, an instantly recognisable piece from one of the great masters 

I am unsure if the exact date of publishing but have been assured that it was approximately 1984 - I’m doing more research each day 

The print measures approx 23” x 17.5” unframed For reference I would recommend framing in a 50x70cm pre made frame with a mount inside the prints are just a bit larger than A2 modern size 


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