Digital wellbeing session - By James Wilson
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Digital wellbeing session

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Digital wellbeing short course — 3 hour physical or digital meeting followed up by a pdf document detailing everything we speak about with an actionable plan

Digital wellbeing is about forming a healthy relationship with technology, so you enjoy all the benefits while still staying in control. 

During my digital wellbeing short course I will help you understand your relationship with technology and how to maximise its potential within your day to day life

A core part of my course reflects on our idea of healthy relationships with screen and the myths we tell our selves, one in which I have been building of is multitasking flipping between screens ano devices doing multiple tasks at once. In reality, the term "multitasking" is a bit of a myth. The only way to be truly productive is to be present in each moment and give tasks your full attention. Putting technology in its place can help you fully be there and connect with the people or task you're with

The first step to improving your relationship with technology is being more self-aware of your digital habits. We will work on setting a vision for the role you want technology to play in your life. By becoming more aware of how you use technology, and making just a few small changes, you'll soon be on track to achieving the right balance. As part of my course we will create a plan to check, analyse amd change if needed your digital and physical, relationship with tech.

An easy place to start would be these simple tips 

Digital guidelines include: Avoid apps that can suck you in, by moving them to the second or third screen of your device. Reserve the homescreen for essentials.

Physical guidelines include: Try to have more face-to-face conversations with people, as this will help you get more from each moment.


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