Consulting & coaching

Hey, it’s me James. You probably know me as an artist however before that I was was working within social media management and creative marketing. Ive decided now with the right time to start using the skills I have and help businesses with digital marketing & development 

A certificate in fundamental digital marketing, level 4 accredited in business management & fundamental economics, GSF business communications, have completed OC public speaking, and am currently working towards completing the Yale university science of well-being course 

As of June this year I am now qualified to coach an introduction to digital wellbeing for individuals and teams, as well as effective networking. These two pair really nicely so I will be offering coaching classes dedicated to networking and digital wellbeing 

Whether it’s a new strategy, ongoing management, an hour to flesh out ideas you already have, or using my experience to draw on new ideas 

coaching vs consulting

Perhaps you don’t need marketing plan, help with social media, or growing your business right now and would prefer to expand your knowledge or skills to help you devise your own plans in the future.

Here are some of the mini courses I run they range between 3-5 hours and can be done in person or via video call: Get your business online, help your customers find you online, using online advertising, understanding need and behaviours of online customers, self promotion/ confidence, increasing team productivity, introduction to digital wellbeing, improving online security, effective networking 

About my services

1:1’s will be hosted by myself. I’ve been working in digital marketing, social media management, amd completing multiple qualifications to expand my knowledge within these vectors for the last 6 years with real world experiences coming from some of the U.K’s most exciting independent brands, Britain’s largest lavender farm and campsite, multiple start ups, entrepreneurs and in house with creative businesses.

I specialise in creative digital marketing campaigns and growth (digital and physical), google analytics, search engine performance and marketing - what that means for you? if you are looking to have more people physically seeing, buying, and selling your goods I can assist with this as much as digital growth having more clicks through to your website, boosting your search engine ranking, and Seo performance across social media 

Along side this I am able to help you create: landing pages, link webs, create blogs, websites, e-commerce pages, news letter distribution. 

The approach

My approach Strategic, managable, and easy to implement. I am not here to tell you to post on social media all day every day and spend hours of time and energy that you don’t have the time or resource to commit to. I will establish a framework that works for you.

I believe in finding the balance and a workflow that sits right for you and works within your objectives.

My commitment is towards being human, leaving you feeling inspired and excited about your social media and digital marketing plans. This is a judgement free zone, no idea is too big or too small.

I offer strategies and plans to implement that will cost you nothing and take minutes to complete along side long term paid for avenues. Regardless of your budget for marketing and social media I can help your business grow 

Wondering if you’re the right fit?

Ive worked with solo business owners who are just getting started (sometimes it’s only a business plan or a dream) through to international independents with multiple locations, large teams, and 6 figure turnovers 

To be perfectly honest I love working with emerging and smaller independent business, it often means that plans can be implemented a lot faster without jumping through hoops and compromising with multiple departments fighting over a simple decision 

I will be honest with my opinions and give very clear set tasks I will need you to complete to see fast linear progression. I ask that you put in as much effort as I do into my plans for the best results 

talk to you soon