Henri Matisse ~ The Cut Outs ~ Blue Nude I 1952 - By James Wilson
Henri Matisse ~ The Cut Outs ~ Blue Nude I 1952 - By James Wilson
By James Wilson

Henri Matisse ~ The Cut Outs ~ Blue Nude I 1952

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I have always wanted to have a collection of serigraph and lithograph Matisse and Picasso prints. So when the opportunity came up for me to purchase a large collection of them, I did so.  Some of which included multiple pressings of the same piece. With this being the case I am selling a select few of the prints for what I paid. Condition: Excellent with light signs of age or wear*

* you will notice that the price is quite reasonable to reflect that some of the prints have a slight damage/wear/age on the bottom or top 2cm - which is why I managed to purchase the collection at such a very low price - these same prints have just sold on artsy for £800+ each when in perfect condition.

This a reproduction serigraph print of Matisse’s Blue Nude 1

I am unsure if the exact date of publishing but have been assured that it was approximately 1984 - I’m doing more research each day 

The print measures approx 23” x 17.5” unframed For reference I would recommend framing in a 50x70cm pre made frame with a mount inside the prints are just a bit larger than A2 modern size 

Matisse chose the color blue to represent volume and distance and despite the flatness of the paper, Matisse creates a sense of relief in the cut-outs by overlapping the shapes.

In 1952, one of Henri Matisse’s most productive late years, he created a series of blue color lithographs using his cut out technique, titled Blue Nudes. The four nude female figures are portrayed in different poses and exemplify the collage technique that Matisse developed in his later life, after he was no longer able to paint or sculpt after surgery for abdominal cancer. 

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