personal update — why you are experiencing delays to orders

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Since winter, my family and I have had multiple problems with our house including a heating issues, a damp and loud problem and then a small fire resulting in having to spend Christmas and then live in a hotel for a month. Since being home and back in the studio— hoping to catch up with everything and release new work for you guys — my wife has been suffering with heart related complications and illness. She keeps having pains, anxiety attacks, breathing issues and collapses. She has been in and out of hospital for scans, X-rays and investigations the past month since returning home and back to work which has meant I have needed to take on the responsibility of looking after my two older children and assisting her with the baby whenever she and baby has returned from the hospital. So work and orders have been slower than usual and I wholeheartedly apologise for this and having been unable to update you all sooner. 

This week she has now had a more serious collapse resulting in her injuring her pelvis and back — my wife is in serious pain and is unable to walk and move most of the waist down with exception to her feet. 

I am needing to have my three boys full time as well as assist with her breastfeeding the baby etc etc

I am trying my best to juggle work alongside this but right now it would be illogical and selfish to leave her to care for the boys alone whilst she is unable to physically get up or walk

The investigations continue and until we know what is going on with her heart, I will be juggling my three boys and her care alongside my job.

I will instead be shipping all pending orders with extra pieces and sending each customer a small credit note to spend for the inconvenience caused by the delay

Thank you for bearing with me x


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