Business is slow

delays family slow

So we are currently moving house and studios and my wife is still very unwell — therefore I will be working slow until further notice, my store will remain open but orders will be fulfilled on an as and when basis.

I will be primarily focusing on my collaborations and commissions this month. I need to take the time to catch up on the backlog of projects I had planned over winter, I need to take time balancing our house move and the three children as well as take some time to slow down and create original pieces for myself again...

The past year and six months have been so intense in our personal lives with the pandemic and then our house issues, fire and health issues, etc that I stopped creating anything new for my own enjoyment and didn’t have any time to take for myself so I would like to get back to that core place of being able to make and design things I love and want to share with everyone. However the pressure of fulfilling orders in a quick time frame is unrealistic with everything going on with our move and my wife’s health and with three children to care for. So I do not wish to disappoint any of my customers and those that have been supporting me through what I do.

For this reason any orders placed in April may not be dispatched until May to give me the break and breather I need to focus on my family, home, self and new ideas I’ve had to keep pushing back and putting on hold. Obviously I will get any orders out  if and when I have time each week but I wanted to give this time frame so that there isn’t any disappointment if any particular pieces are unable to be fulfilled quickly.

I wish to come back to you with a more refreshed and productive mindset and with new content in the form of jewellery, textiles and original art pieces. 

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